Dearest Alycee,

What can we say? Team Barrett Rocks!!!

Thankyou is not nearly enough – there are absolutely no words to express our incredible experience of dealing with two extremely professional, amazing people. You were just delightful and we feel so privileged to have been represented by you.

Merv – Your attitude and presentation is impeccable and you deserve to be very successful in your careers. We truly enjoyed meeting and working with you throughout the auction process. You made it an exciting adventure for us!

Alycee – Just meeting you has been such a pleasure – don’t ever change! You are an amazing woman; professional, focused and an absolute delight. Merv is so lucky to have not only a wonderful mother but the best teacher he could ever wish for. You are just a fantastic team and we are so grateful to you for the wonderful experience that we have shared. Under the word “professional” in the dictionary it should read “Merv and Alycee”!

We could wish you every success for the future, but it’s a given that if you give every client the attention to detail that you gave us in a few years everyone will know the names Merv and Alycee Barrett!

Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks so you both.


Peter and Rochelle