On his second attempt to sell, Terry consulted friends and acquaintances alike and heard more horror stories than recommendations for a real estate firm. Then while visiting an open house on a nearby street, he was impressed with the effort of the real estate team marketing that home.

“The brochure was attractive and complete, and the home itself looked move-in ready. Deficiencies in the house were fully disclosed, and there were literally dozens of potential buyers milling about with agents on site answering questions and providing recommendations and even financing tips. I thought to myself, ‘These agents know what they are doing.’ That’s how I met Alycee and Merv,” Terry says.

Terry’s home was an older home, one of the original beach properties that are often overlooked by buyers in search of more modern amenities. Yet the location was ideal. The Easy First Sale team sprung into action, informing their large network of buyers about the location and condition of Terry’s home, positioning it as an excellent investment opportunity and a blank canvas for picky buyers who had not yet found exactly what they were looking for.

The strategy worked. Terry’s home sold quickly, freeing him to move on to the home of his dreams while giving the new owners the location and opportunity they thought they could never afford. It was a true win-win for all concerned, and Terry has become a strong source of referrals.

Terry in Sorrento