Alycee Barrett is the epitome of a “real estate agent”.

She goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and confident and at the end of the day delivers in spades.

She has sold three houses for us but she excelled herself on this last occasion.

We had two weeks between a bad tenant leaving and our overseas holiday. Alycee came to the rescue. After inspecting the property she realised that an army of tradespeople would be required and these she supplied from her contact data base. Painter, electrician, plumber, tree lopper all came to the party in quick time.

The house was put on the market soon after we left.

Testament to all our hard work and a modest financial outlay was the fact that the home was sold on the first ‘home open’ for an excellent price.

Keep up the good work Alycee. We can’t thank you enough.

Tricia, Gil and Travis Marnham