Alycee’s tip how to save more than $100 on your car insurance!

I had to call the Insurance Company to change the address on my daughter’s car as she moved away when she got married last year. Even though the car is in my name since I purchased with finance 5 years ago.

The Insurance Company asked me if I still had the car financed. I responded NO, I paid in full last year!

Guess what! Instead $641.00 for the insurance now dropped to $502.00 to me is like a great discount having the car paid in full! I did not know that! Did you?


  1. Margaret said:

    Couldn’t it be because the car is older than it was last year and less valuable? Good luck anyway, Alicee, and Happy Christmas when it comes.

  2. No Margaret. I enquirer about it. The fact is that the car was paid in full. No finance at all.
    Another thing I Learn is that depend which Suburb you live in the price can be higher or lower.

  3. Specially Merry Christmas to you too.
    I will pop in before Christmas!