Buyers are coming out of my ears and not enough properties to sell. They are specific in what they want

One lovely couple that I have been searching properties for them asked me to get a home, 4×2 or 3×2 no pool, a bit of garden around $800,000 or less in Sorrento or Hillarys but has to be single storey. No work to be done. Single storey.

Another 4 couples with the same specifics but price can be up to $1.1 maybe more.

Prices from $350,000 to $2million

I have just to get the house. Buyers they are just waiting for my call. Double storey, single storey, pool, no pool, good size block, large duplex, big block to build a couple duplexes, ocean views, park views, no views, shed and nice garden, new house, old house, knock down, etc

Suburbs: Sorrento, Hillarys, Carine, Duncraig, Karrinyup, Kallaroo, Padbury, Beldon, Craigie, Heathridge, Madeley, Darch and Landsdale.

The demand for homes anywhere and everywhere has increased in the last 4 weeks. Investors are back.

First home buyers are coming back.

There is a “fever” of buying at present.

As long as interest rates stay on hold there will always be more confidence in the market place.

I, for one, always on the lookout for another investment.

You should not be affraid to buy or you will be like “that old man waiting for the price to come down…further”. Buy today and worry tomorrow. This is my philosophy.


  1. Dave Thomson said:

    Some agents I have spoken to tell me that lots of sales in December/January but last month ,buyers disappeared.

    Dave T

    • Dave
      I do not agree with the other Agents. Since December a lots of buyers came out of the woods and they are buying everything standing..or not
      My office has been having lots of sales. All the Agents are performing very well and we are really talking about this influx of buyers.
      I see lots of first home buyers, investors, people downsizing or moving suburbs.
      Overseas buyers ( small numbers). I dont have the houses for their demand.
      I wish I had 5 more houses in Madeley where I just sold one, 10 in Kallaroo, 20 in Sorrento between $700000 and $1.200000
      If the property is priced reasonably then 3 to 5 offers will be written on the same property.
      So I am having another fantastic Month!

  2. I have read many articles about the confidence and consumer sentiment (or sometimes lack of) in the property market. It is difficult for first time buyers to decipher what to do. Specialists are either advising that now is the right time to buy due to low prices, or are advising first time buyers to put off buying due to a potential continuation of price decreases in the property market.
    Other options are available; some property specialists are saying that the market will pick up due to investors, thus more rental properties may appear on the market or people might choose to invest themselves.
    We the discussed the benefits of some market opportunities available to help with consumer confidence:

    • Everything you said is true.
      But is also true that I have never seen so many good buys as I see on the market today.
      The prices has lowered considerably and you will miss out if you don’t buy.
      I have been selling to investors, people downsizing, upsizing and only a couple of first home buyers.
      I only say what I see on the market.
      Prices are going up?
      I don’t think so. We have a long way to go before the market correct itself.
      I still believe prices in Perth are a bit too high.