Christmas Spirit! Losing my cherrished iPhone and have returned in my own home

19th of December I had a busy day. Went for my first appointment at the Real Estate WA. As I had 40 minutes to spend before my next appointment decided to pop in at the shops in Joondalup for a bit of shopping.

I bought some clothes and went back to my car to discover that my mobile was not in my bag, my car or anywhere I could look. Retraced my steps, went back to the shops

I went in, call Real Estate WA to find out that was not there either .

On the parking lot some gentle soul used his mobile to call mine and nothing.

Went to Informatione Desk to report my phone lost. Called my wizard son Merv to help me out. He is clever in these things and he would find a way to trace my IPhone.

Well, I could not do anymore. Carry on to Whitfords to Vodafone to pick up a phone loan until I get another IPhone.

On my way to Vodafone I passed by 2 police officers having lunch. I approached them with my bulging eyes for the cry I had, my smeared make up and they both listened what I had to say. So one of them asked my number and dialed.

I had done that for the last hour from every phone from people trying to help me with no luck.

This time the phone was answered by a lady who found the phone in the carpark ( Droped from my lap when I got out). Merv had been trying the phone and the lady brought it to my home.

That is what I call a Christmas spirit. This is the most fantastic Christmas present I could ever wish for!
Mobile? I can buy another one!
But my contacts ( not updated regularly) by category I cannot buy that!
Sandra, you gave me the best Christmas ever!
Thank you


  1. Stuart said:

    Alycee, it’s time for you to use the backup service that Apple provides with iPhones. It’s called iCloud and it’s a piece of cake to set up and you’ll never have a worry about losing your phone again.

  2. Dave Thomson said:

    Oh Alycee, I am so happy that you got it back. Its a sick feeling when it happens.

    Dave Thomson