Recently while selling a property to a buyer that came from England not too long ago I had to find out a couple things requested by the buyer.

First of all the buyer asked me if the Seller could provide the plans for the house. That was the easy bit as I do that for most houses I sell.

Then he asked me for the plumbing and electrical plans which isn’t always requested but I am familiar with the Flimsy which is the sewer plans as I had problems with an investment property.

As for the electrical plans, I got one from a builder but this time I did not know where else to look.

But Guess what? I found out and now I know it all!


And you will have all the answers too!

You will get all the structures information like:

  • ATCO Gas Australia
  • Nextgen, NCC-WA
  • Telstra, WA
  • Water Corporation (This one you have to pay $17.40)
  • Western Power

How good is that to have this fantastic service?

If you want to do any alterations to your home… just DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG!