Giving an honest property appraisal in the real estate market

I absolutely adore what I do for a living.

I watch real estate in Sorrento and surrounding suburbs very closely and when I get the call to come and do an appraisal on a property, I give my honest opinion based on what I am seeing happening, not only in the local area but also across the board.

I believe in integrity, honesty and professionalism, instead of selling false hopes .

With the current condition of the Perth real estate market, you have to be smart and do the right thing, market your property with a realistic price, otherwise your are bound to lose a lot of money.

Believe it or not, an honest appraisal on your home could save you thousands of dollars.

I’ve done my homework and have been going through the local area and checking prices of what has been sold recently and finding out that the property was sold for less than what I had suggested to go to market at in the past six to eight months .

What is sad is that, I lost the listings because I was honest with sellers.

When I suggest a price that I believe a property would be sold for in the current real estate market, the reaction is absolute disbelief. I quite often hear sellers say ‘oh, no – the market did not affect my street and prices here are holding very well’.

Unfortunately the real estate market has been affected globally, not just in Perth suburbs.

But, luckily there other sellers who have recently sold  their investments for a lot less than they paid for when the market was booming .They were feeling the pinch like having a bullet hole in their pockets – costing them financially and also costing them their health in the process. Today they are better off.

I have to be honest in any market and specially in today’s market. I agree that it is not easy to put a price on a property, but with all the market research I do, it is possible to  value properties closer to the current market expectation.

I am so passionate about what I do – meeting people, doing open homes, selling, finding suitable houses for my customers, worry about whether buyers are adapting to their new home, making sure each and every customer gets the best service I can provide. I absolutely care, and this care starts when I sit down with new customers and give them an honest appraisal about the value of their property, right through to when it sells.

If you’re thinking that all is lost and there is no hope, I want to let you know that I  have a few strategies to help my customers get the maximum price for their properties.

I’ve been in real estate for 30 years more than half of it in Perth and the rest in Ontario, Canada( brag…brag…brag…) and probably will be doing the same until I am 90! He!He!He!

If you are looking to sell achieve a premium result and want to deal with a passionate real estate agent I am looking for your trust!

I want to leave you with two phrases I stand by as a real estate agent:

“I will do whatever it takes’ and  “listening to your realestate needs”. Alycee Barrett