Here are some Selling Problems and Common Sales Issues that some sellers may face when selling their home

If your property doesn’t attract quality buyers or offers within several weeks, the most likely reason will be one of these three factors:

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Price

To sell your house high and fast, you must be able to anticipate problems concerning these big three issues. The location obviously cannot be changed. However, you can make up for that deficiency by making the condition of your home and pricing attractive. Inspect your home and make repairs and improvements before putting it up for sale. Also price your property fairly and competitively, and keep on adjusting it until it is of such amount that can win over a deal.

However, after two weeks to a month of being on the market without any offer, then there is most likely problem. If your house has been visited by a considerable number of prospective buyers, then you should try to think of which of the above common three issues haven’t been addressed. Browse through the feedbacks of the buyers and find out the answers to these questions:

  • Is the location unappealing? Is the answer is yes, you definitely need to make up for it with the condition and price of your home.
  • Is the house unattractive to buyers? If so, you could re-inspect your house, with the aid of a professional if possible, and make the needed improvements and repairs.
  • Is the price excessively high? If positive, you can alter the price and put your house again on the market with the a new reduced price.

If the location, condition and price of your home are not the problem but rather the lack of interested buyers who ask to view your house, then your problem could be the marketing strategy. If such is the case, you may need to re-evaluate the marketing strategy and request the Agent to step up the marketing activity. Ask your Agent to discuss the reasons for their choice of marketing and what can be done to expand the network of your sale.

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