Heres How to Help Your Dog Adjust to a Move

Sorrento Living Dog Moving House

Last week we discussed how to help your kids with a move but pets can become disoriented and frightened by the whole experience of moving too.

To reduce their stress on hectic packing days and especially on moving day, be sure that pets are either securely penned, boarded at a kennel or at a friend’s place. You don’t want your pet running away or getting injured underfoot.


Before You Leave

There are a few things to get in order before you leave:


  • Make sure your pet has an ID tag with his/her name and current contact number.
  • Visit the veterinarian and make sure your pet has its shots up to date.
  • Have a sturdy, quality pet carrier and get your pet used to being in it before you move.

Travelling by Car

A few simple tips can smooth the experience of travelling by car with your pet.

  • Do not feed or give water to your pet for several hours before the move. On the road, feed your pet once daily.
  • Make sure there is adequate fresh air in the vehicle.
  • Take rest stops to give water, toilet breaks and to exercise your pet.
  • Do not leave a pet alone in a car on hot days.

Sorrento Living Happy Family Happy DogAt your new home, keep pets confined for a few days in a limited area like your bedroom, where you can comfort them. Introduce them to the rest of the home gradually, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Do not leave pets unattended outside until they have plenty of time to adjust to their new surroundings, because animals sometimes run away in an attempt to return to their old neighbourhood.

Take them for walks keeping them on a leash to the local parks so neighbours and their pets can meet and greet you and yours.

A happy pet means a happy family.