How to get a claim or refund for a power outage exceeding 12 hours

If you have had a power outage that exceeds 12 hours did you know that you could be eligible for a refund from Western Power?

My son Merv and his girlfriend Toni live in Watermans Bay and about 3 to 4 weeks ago had a power outage  that lasted from about 12:30am until 4:30pm.

A week later Toni was told by a lady at work that just happens to live in the same street that if you went to the Western Power website and filled in a claim form they be eligible for an $80 refund for the damage for losses incurred, such as perishable foods and obviously electricity as Merv works from home and needs power to run his business.

They filled in the claim and less than a week later received a check in the mail for $80 which helped with their just recently received electricity bill.

Obviously there are rules and regulations to be able to claim but if you have a power outage just jump onto their website and fill out the claim and see if your eligible.