How to prepare your property for a photoshoot

You have made the decision to sell your home or investment property and you have chosen your real estate agent and signed all the paperwork.

Well take a deep breath because the hard bit is over, you have made your decision!

But before you can have your first home open you need to make sure all the artwork such as the sign and brochures and online advertising is done and let’s be honest you want your house to look good.

The first step is to have the photography done of your home, but you don’t want to just have a photographer come out and just snap away. You need to make sure the house is ready, like a woman (or man if he takes pride in his appearance) going out she prepares herself and does her hair, makeup and chooses her clothes and shoes before she sees anyone.

Well it’s the same for your property before the photographer arrives, you want to make sure your property is looking it’s best so I’ve given you a checklist courtesy of Evolution Photo Media to help you get your property ready for it’s very own selfies.


  • Declutter and clean the house inside and out
  • Make sure that ALL light fixtures and lampshades are working both indoor and outdoor
  • Hide personal items like family photos, religious artefacts and political symbols
  • Hide festive and sports decorations like Christmas trees and posters
  • Touch up or repair any painting, rendering, weather boards or brickwork that nee attention
  • Remove all rugs and doormats
  • Hide ANY evidence of pets like kennels, pet bowels etc
  • Minimise number of people and pets in the property during the photoshoot


  • Hide tea towels, kitchen sponges and detergents, tissue boxes, remote controls, bills etc
  • Remove appliances and cutlery from kitchen bench
  • Clean all surfaces and mirrors including windows, baths and showers
  • Make sure all curtains and blinds are in working order
  • Get ideas from interior design magazines to position the furniture at their best places
  • Hide ALL shampoo bottles, soaps, tooth brushes, bath mats, bins etc in the bathroom and showers
  • Remove old towels and facecloths from bathroom rails
  • Hide or remove visible electrical cords and cables
  • Remove all calendars and posters from walls and surfaces
  • Beds must be made with clean linen or covers
  • Make sure things tucked under the beds and furniture are not visible
  • Adjust cushions and pillows
  • Uncover pool tables and set up with balls and cues
  • Clear fridge of all magnets, stickers and pictures


  • Remove vehicles from carport, driveway and verge or keep in the garage with the door closed
  • Trim trees and bushes, mow lawns and clean landscape
  • Hide tools, brooms, toys and tidy up pots etc
  • Tidy up deck, BBA area and outdoor furniture
  • Uncover the pool and/or spa and hide kreepy krawly
  • Clear clothes lines of clothes, pegs and hanging baskets
  • Sweep pathways and blow away fallen leaves
  • Roll or remove all hoses
  • Hide wheelie bins

The idea of removing all your personal belongings and having everything just right is so that your potential buyers can not only see your property at it’s best but having minimum to no clutter and presenting it like a magazine gives them the vision to see the potential with their own belongings which makes it personal for them.

Doing all of these things helps the photographer to get the best possible photos, which gives your property the best chance of catching the attention of buyer and selling it.

If you have made the decision to sell and want me to help you, give me a call and I will bring my photographer.