My number #1 tip for when buying or selling property

If you are thinking about buying a new property or even selling the one your in, my number one tip is to make sure all additions added to the property are Council approved.

Maybe you purchased your home or an investment property a long time ago and you were not concerned that the pergola, balcony, shed, pool, office may or may not have been approved by the Council.

Well times have changed and recently due to issues, buyers are demanding everything to be Council approved even if it wasn’t you that built the addition. So to avoid a catastrophe, penalty costs, settlement delays or a cancelled sale you need to make sure all home improvements have the necessary building approvals before putting your house on the real estate market.

Sellers tip: Go the the council and pay $100 to get your property’s BA (Building Approvals) so you know that the house, the pergola, the pool, etc has been lodged and approved.

Buyers tip: If you really want the house, there is no problem. Either the seller or the buyer can get an agreement which either one or both carry with the expenses and get a Compliance Surveyor to draw up the structure and get Council of the non approved structure.

It is a simple process. But can take at least 6 weeks to get the approval.

Settlement can happen prior and the approval will come later but it is better to have this done before you put your property on the market as changes later can become difficult to be rectified, especially if the addition has been there for over 40 years.

For any questions call the local council!


  1. Beverly Rickerby said:

    I think the councils are just getting so greedy, gone is the time when you owned your own property which was actually yours to do what you liked with, now there is too many restrictions on whats allowed , you work hard all your life to own property which it seems ay the end of the day isn’t really yours and it seems just revenue at the end of the day.

  2. Thanks for your comments.
    I have been through so many contracts with non approved structures and the best way is to make sure on signing of the offer that both parties are aware of who will be paying for to rectify the problem to avoid problems few days prior to Settlement and avoid penalty interests if delay occur.