Plan, Scan, Shred, Toss – things to help you declutter your paper

Sorrento Living Paper Piles

Are you drowning in paper? The key is to reduce incoming paper and create an easy storage system, so it won’t find its way to a pile. Whether filed or piled, many of the papers that accumulate in a household don’t need to be kept. Sorting them and deciding what to keep can sometimes get overwhelming. Maybe the following can help you;

  • Plan ahead to minimize paperwork by shifting to make payments online and cancel paper bills. If you prefer paper bills, you don’t need a fancy filing system. Just get a folder, dividers and a hole punch. Have one section for each bill, such as rates, electricity and phone.
  • Walk around the house and pick up every loose paper. You won’t believe how many papers get tucked away here and placed there. Pick them up. Put them in a pile. Then sort.
  • Invest in a scanner to scan all receipts and bills and save them on your computer and organise them in folders ready for tax time and then shred or recycle
  • File everything and organize your files so you could walk someone through your folders over the phone
  • There isn’t always time to deal with things as they come in. Create a ‘drop point’ with a box or basket. Put bills and receipts there and set aside a time each week to file them.
  • Stand over the bin or recycling as you open mail, so you immediately toss away unwanted junk mail and envelopes.
  • For paper memories, like your kids’ artwork, give each family member a container. Once it’s full, decide what to keep and what to throw out.
  • Cancel unwanted magazine or catalogue subscriptions. Don’t keep newspapers and supplements, thinking you’ll get around to reading them. Read them or throw them out. Donate magazines or recycle them after you’ve read them.
  • Invest in a paper shredder so that when it comes time to cleaning out the personal bills and such your personal information is secure and prevents identity theft
  • Keep personal and important documents such as birth certificates, property titles in home safes or filed away under lock and key.

Sorrento Living Filing OrganisationRidding yourself from these piles of paper that are usually bills can be exhilarating but don’t think because you can’t see the bills that they aren’t there and you can go shopping …. haha ok maybe you deserve something after all the cleaning you have done.

If you have any tips about organising paper and decluttering or Spring Cleaning at all please post it in the comments box below.

Happy Cleaning!