Save water in your garden and keep the money in your pocket

Sorrento Living Saving Water

Households are the biggest users of public water and approximately 44% of household water is used outside the home.

There are many ways you can plan and maintain your garden and outdoor areas so they use less water, but are still attractive and colourful places to be.

Following and using some of these tips can not only save water but can keep your water bills down and keep the money in your pocket.

Also reduce water wastage by checking all taps and pipes for leaks because remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month.



Here are the Water Corporation’s top 10 gardening tips:

  1. Apply a soil improver with a soil wetting agent
  2. Choose waterwise plants
  3. Hydrozone your garden – group plants with similar water requirements together
  4. Make your verge more water efficient by replacing surplus lawn
  5. Apply between 5-10cm of waterwise mulch to reduce evaporation
  6. Only water once on your rostered watering day
  7. Get a trigger nozzle for your hose or use a watering can
  8. Install a garden bore
  9. Use a pool cover
  10. Use products displaying the Waterwise Approved and Smart Approved WaterMark symbols.

If you have any tips or advice about how you save water and would like to share please let us know and we can all save water together.