Sometimes I have a fuzzy feeling selling Real Estate

Just before Christmas I was able to purchase a property for a buyer who most deserved to have a house.

A single Mum with 2 children who was never able to buy now after  been renting  all her life!

What a satisfaction I got from this sale. Specially happening just prior to Christmas.

Due to the loss of a relative she got a little money and she did not waste anytime to use it to put a deposit purchasing a home for her and the children.

No more rent. Now she will be paying a mortgage for herself, a roof over her head. After the deposit she discovered that she will be paying the same amount on the mortgage as she was paying for rent. But it will be her home.

I love to be in Real Estate and finding a house for someone gives me a good feeling and occasions like this more emotion, more adrenaline.

If you are renting you are paying someboby else’s mortgage. Purchase a home anywhere and you will be ahead so take the opportunity now that house prices dropped considerably and interest rates are more affordable and possibly will be dropping further.

Consider to visit a Broker.

It is never too late to buy a home!!



  1. Jean said:

    What an old softy you are.

    Being a single parent and getting to tyhis is terrific. I know.

    Well done

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I have seen all kind of situations and I appreciate life in better perspective.
      I understand people’s needs and I am happy to be able to help.

  2. Marilette said:

    Hi! Just to say that I love your newsletter. Well done!