Sorrento Schools

For a long time, parents have been relying on schools to provide quality education for their children. What your children learn at school will prepare and equip them for the future so that they can be up to the challenges they will encounter in the real world.

This is the reason why it is of paramount importance that there are good schools in your chosen suburb. Sorrento takes pride in housing a number of great schools which guide the students not just with their academic growth but with holistic development as well. Below are a few schools in the suburb.

Sorrento Primary School

This public primary school caters from prep to year 7 students. This school has been catering the residents of the suburb for more than forty years. Staff members are employed for their ability to impart knowledge and instil good values in the students.

Aside from being characterised by pastoral care, the school is proud that they are in cooperation with the parents in providing holistic growth to the kids. With effective curriculum, the students are academically proficient. Different extra–curricular activities such as instrumental programs in music and fitness programs are also offered to further hone student’s creative skills.

In addition, Sorrento Primary School has been implementing different programs that help make student more sociable like school excursions and class friendship program where a student accompanies a “buddy” in another year level during certain times in-between school hours.

Sacred Heart College







This school is a private Catholic high school that caters to students from year 7 to year 12. It was built by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1967. This association was formed in 1897 and has formed schools in Freemantle and Highgate in Western Australia.

It was an all-girls school until 1977, before the inclusion of young male enrolments. On average the school has approximately 1,200 students attending per year. Sacred Heart College instils religious values and guides their students into holistic development. One of the schools aims is to help each child to realise and utilise his or her potential.

It provides a Christ-centred community for all students, parents and teachers alike. Its curriculum is founded in Christian values and promotes excellence and a desire for lifelong learning.