Start your Spring cleaning by De Cluttering your Bathroom and Laundry with these helpful tips.

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Last week I gave you some tips about spring cleaning your home by planning, categorising, maintaining and staying positive. This week I thought we would get the nitty gritty of it and give you some tips about tackling each room.

They are smallest rooms in the house, yet so much “stuff” gets put in the bathroom and laundry. Toiletries, shower supplies and cleaning supplies where can you put it all. 

  • Get rid of old crumbling make-up and soaps from your bathroom cabinet
  • Keeping products for ‘special occasions’ means they’ll never get used. Eg, moisturiser gift sets only end up gathering dust. Use it or throw it out.
  • Clear out old medicines after their use-by date. Not only do they take up space, it’s dangerous if you accidentally take old prescriptions.
  • Remove any random items from under the laundry sink – old sponges, mop heads, kerosene, etc. Keep it for laundry products only.

After you have cleared out all the old, organise everything that is staying so that it all has it’s own place.

Vanity drawers are famous for becoming junk storage places where everything just get’s thrown into them. Consider purchasing drawer dividers to keep your cosmetics, soaps, medications separate. You can get them from Ikea either online here  or in store.

Sorrento Living Cleaning Supplies OrganisationIf you don’t already have one, a shower caddy is the perfect way to keep your soaps, shampoos and conditioners of the shower floor and it saves you bending down too.

Turn your bathroom and laundry cabinets into an organized storage area, neat and de-cluttered by putting all cleaning products in a plastic container. In your bathroom keep all first aid supplies together in a kit so when you urgently need it you’re not rifling through drawers. And add shelves to your cabinets or ask your handyman to add them to your walls to give you more space.

Once you have cleaned and organised your bathroom and laundry sit down and put your feet up and remember to maintain it by putting things back once you have used them.

If your house is on the market or your thinking about putting it on the market these are also good tips for getting your house ready for that first home open.

Next week, I will have some tips on de-cluttering your clothing.

Happy Cleaning!