Strawberry Jam and Icecream, Strawberry Jam and Yoghurt, Strawberry Jam on Toast or Sweet Yummy Fresh Strawberries

In my house every year we head down to the local Strawberry Farm and buy boxes upon boxes of Fresh Strawberries and make Strawberry Jam.

I learnt how to make delicious strawberry jam from my sister in law in Nova Scotia, Canada along time ago and I have never forgotten the recipe since.

Well it is now Strawberry season and so Mike and I headed down to Landsdale Strawberry farm and picked up plenty of strawberries so that I can make my famous jam.

While we were there, I called Merv and Toni and asked if they would like some strawberries but all they said was “No Thanks, we just want your Jam”

Now is the time to get some tasty strawberries so head down to the Landsdale Strawberry Farm at 34 Windsor Road, Wangara and start picking….. hehe not really you just buy them!

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