Successful diet story. Worked for Merv. May work for you

Congratulations on your diet, Merv. I have lived on diet all my life and had been successful in all of them for a period of time and then the weight stagnate and I cannot lose any more.

Merv had perseverance, belief and did with hard work: exercise.

I had a bit of success but I did not do the most important part of the diet: exercise.

It is so easy to do the diet and takes a lot of my brain to accept that without the exercise I am not going to achieve what Merv and others had achieve.

I envy your perseverance and admire your energy. Ask Merv what he did.

In life whenever anyone decide to do something to achieve a goal it is necessary to program yourself first otherwise that goal will never be achieved, either a diet, work related, relationship. I feel like I am talking like a Psychiatrist. Well, it is just common sense.

Good luck in achieving all your goals.

They work…if you want to.