Five turns back to two As my three Italian Boys take off on a road trip across Australia

The house is definitely a little quieter since the 6th January when the remaining two Italian boys left this on their adventure around Australia.

David left a couple days earlier to meet his girlfriend Alessandra from Italy in Sydney but my nephew Michele and Davide stayed longer to make some more money and bought a van to drive across and meet them.

They had to fit their suitcases, back packs, 4 folding chairs, tent, jerry can. Lots of water, a home made eating table, surf boards, fishing rods, food, utensils and I think no one else can fit after that but they were set and ready to go.

They made a couple stops along the way and stayed in a caravan park to wash but they have made it safely to Sydney and have reunited with their friends.

David and Alessandra will be staying in Australia on the East Coast until the end of March but Michele and Davide plan on staying for a year and working and driving themselves around Australia.

We miss them already and wish them a very safe and exciting adventure!