From an experienced world traveller, I’ve been everywhere but do you know where the ten most expensive cities in the world

Sorrento Living Scratch the World Map

I have made it my mission to travel to as many different countries in my life time and it’s something my husband and kids also aspire to do.

We may be Australian Citizens but we weren’t born here and grew up in many different places in the world, travelling is something you can never really stop doing.

Two years ago, my daughter bought my husband a big huge map of the world that can be rolled out and framed.

Before it can be framed though, there is one catch to it….. it’s a BIG giant SCRATCHIE! No you don’t win any money but it was a great night when we all got together and scratched all the different countries we had been too.

I’m planning on going on another one for my birthday and “scratching” another couple countries off the list but I was reading something the other day about the 10 most expensive cities in the world and so I googled it again and here they are!

10. Geneva

9. Caracas

8. Paris

7. Zurich

6. Singapore

5. Melbourne

4. Oslo

3. Sydney

2. Osaka

1. Tokyo

This was based on prices of some of the main staples of living, from clothing to groceries, pricing out everyday items such as a loaf of bread, bottle of wine and pack of cigarettes.

It’s nice to know that Perth isn’t in the Top 10 but it’s not nice to see both Sydney and Melbourne on the list. Won’t this be bad for tourism? Won’t tourists stop coming here because it’s too expensive….