They’re Coming Home, They’re Coming Home, Tell the world They’re Coming Home

Yay, they’re coming home! … Well they are starting their homeward journey and I am looking forward to having my son Merv and his girlfriend Toni back on home soil after almost a year but here are their final plans for those that have been following them.

We just passed 9 months since leaving Perth in April 2012 and have just started our journey headed back home on the other side of the world to complete the circle.

After spending almost 6 months in Canada, (Toni’s allotted visa time) most of it with my Aunty and Uncle and Cousin in Nova Scotia I am happy to say that I have met and seen almost all of my family scattered throughout Canada and was luckier to have met some new friends that I look forward to keeping in touch with.

In October we bought a car because it turned out to be cheaper than hiring one for the time we needed and we sold it at the end of our stay but it allowed us to drive and see a lot of the East Coast of Canada including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario including Niagara Falls.

We had an amazing Christmas spent with family and friends exchanging gifts and eating wonderfully cooked Turkey Dinners and Puddings and there was even snow on the ground which gave Toni her first ever White Christmas and completely top of that magical time of the year.

Our New Years Eve was spent with new friends at their holiday camp only 30 minutes away from town down a dirt road along the river accessible only by 4-Wheel Drive. We ate, drank, played games and even had our own fireworks show. The next morning I was lucky to use their side-by-side 4 wheeler and go bush bashing through the snow in the woods before we all packed up and went home to nurse our hangovers.

We then spent the next two weeks on the farm going on Sleigh Rides, visiting long lost friends and relatives saying our final goodbyes before heading to Halifax International Airport so that we can catch our flight to Boston, Massachusetts via Toronto to visit with my cousins from Brazil.

Our plan is to spend three nights in Boston and then take a 4 hour bus ride to New York City for 5 nights before catching another flight to Oklahoma City and spending some time with my cousin for 1 or 2 weeks.

Our plan is then to hire a car and drive to the West Coast of America via the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas and spend a week or so touring up and down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles and taking our final big flight from LAX to Tokyo Japan.

Nearly home and breaking up the big flight as much as possible to avoid the jet lag and long flights we will recuperate in Tokyo for a couple nights and then fly to Bali via Kuala Lumpur where it all started before arriving in Perth around the second week of March.

What an adventure we will have had by then but stay tuned for an update on the final leg once we have arrive safe and sound in Perth.



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