4 Christmas Parties coming up already organised!

Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t even started to think about what to buy for who.

Our street party is on December 11th at 6PM as usual organised by Lynnette Murphy who takes care of absolutely everything, and every year we have all the neighbours gathering in the cul de sac enjoying each other’s company and catching up with the yearly news.

Next party the S.I.N.ers (Sunset International Neighbours) lunch on December 12th as usual at Jean Doig’s home in Reef Court Sorrento who his the best at organising the Christmas party with turkey and all the trimmings. We all exchange gifts.

The third party is for Ray White North Quays at Cocos Restaurant on December 22nd! Cocos eh! We are really commemorating in style!

Last but not least our family on December 24th with turkey and trimmings and alien (green) pancakes with peaches and cream for breakfast on December 25th and presents after! This year we’ll have a fully mobile toddler running around and hopefully not pulling down the tree!

Where are you going for Christmas this year?

Our children generally split christmas between us an in-laws or partner’s family and nieces and nephews, having dinner here and breakfast elsewhere, presents at two houses and lunch somewhere else. Everybody feeds them. That’s a lot of Christmas cheer, and a fair few meals!

Who will you be spending Christmas  with?