97 West Coast Drive in Waterman can now make your dream come true. Reduced to sell

This fantastic ocean front is on the market for $2.095,000

The Ultimate Address has now the Ultimate Price.

Read about this home on the link highlighted above.

We have been through a horrible market crisis which has lower the prices of all

properties in all the suburbs in Perth, in Sydney, in Melbourne, all over Australia

and guess what? All over the world.

Undeniable thuth!

Every street, everywhere has suffered the consequences of what is happening in the world and at present, specifically in Europe.

Confidence is low. Uncertity is high.

That is why you can dream bigger because you will never be able to buy in the ocean front for the prices offered today.

A magnificent home, totally renovated, very modern, large bedrooms, pool, lots of living space and “smack down across the ocean”

Cannot describe any better, excep with this phrase that relates to many people:” if I could I would”. That goes for me too.

If you are in a position to buy you better act quick. There is no way you can lose in the long run and you will be living an unbelievable lifestyle.

Home open Saturday from 1 to 1:45 and Sunday by appointment only.

Don’t wait for ever. Chances like this comes once in a life. Don’t miss out!