Birthdays for me are a myth so going away to another Country to forget how old I am.

Look at my picture in here, in my cards, property sign, brochures, everywhere: young, jovial, 30′? Yes! That is me…or was?

Right! You are old as you feel. Well, I feel old. Collecting new pains here and there, not as mobile as I used to be. Walking every morning has become a sacrifice. Maybe its because of the cold that I feel worse than ever! Lucky I am here and not back in Canada! Am I complaining?

Yes I am. I cannot stand getting older! What do they say: getting older gracefully? Some of those proverbs do not work for me.

This Friday coming I am off to the Philippines. Staying in Makati, Manila at a friend’s recommendation. And I am going with Marion Boughton, the first friend I ever made when arrived in Australia 26 years ago. One week of pure relaxation, shopping and a bit of touring around.

The reason? My birthday away from home! But I need to say Thanks to a lot of people in my life.

I have been very lucky up to now. I Have a wonderful husband who is my number one fan, supporter and a great cook. Thanks Mike.
2 fantastic children, a son and a daughter, Merv and Nikky, who say I am just 21 every year!
Now a grandson Kai, 17 months old that is starting to speak and call me VOVO, which is grandmother in Portuguese. He melts my heart saying that and the little rascal knows this and keeps repeating: vovo, so I melt even more.

My friends, specially the S.I.N.ers (Sunset International Neighbours) group that started in 1990 and is going strong even until today, that I consider my family. We meet once a month for lunch and catch up with each others news.

My clients who I respect, adore and appreciate all the business they send my way, thank you for helping me to be what I am today.