Good bye to the work force! Hello Retirement!

It’s hard to start this. Goodbyes were never my favourite and now I have really pulled the plug on my biggest passion in life: Real Estate.

I will still be buying and selling Real Estate but as an owner, of course. I love Real Estate and I think “brick and mortar” investments are the best that you can make in life.Thank you to all of you who were my clients. It was a pleasure to (wheel and) deal with you all. Thanks to all of you I am able to live a comfortable life in my retirement. After all my hard work – I won’t tell you over how many years! – I feel I truly deserve it.

Retirement means being free to look after my grandchild (and the one that’s on the way, although more would be welcome too!), to travel, which has been my passion on the leisure side of life. This this one thing I am not retiring from as yet, and being free to do NOTHING, which is something that I like to do on occasion.

I have joined a craft group, I am dedicated to looking after my investments, I am cycling 20kms a day, having been walking 5kms a day for the last 39 years, and I’m feeling totally comfortable in my new existence.

No stress or  losing sleep over a house not selling or a deal going sour,

It’s been a real change for me. And for my family, who have only ever known me as a ‘working woman’ Well, this worker is ready to let go, and is embracing retirement fully. Mostly.

Guess what? I still want to help you to look for the right agent to sell your home. Or to help you to look for a house or advise your children on choosing their first home. Let me know if you need me.


  1. Colin Atkinson said:

    Hello Alycee,
    Congratulations on your decision to retire from the work force.
    We wish you a long, happy & healthy journey in the life after work.
    Colin & Mary

    • Very difficult task to retire.
      But I am filling my time with different things.
      Cycling daily for 2 hours.
      Joined craft works.
      Time to visit friends.
      Time for beach.
      Lots of time for grandson and in September another arriving.
      Doing gardening in my own place and my investment properties
      Quite busy really.
      Also helping customers to choose the right Agent for their house. One that cares like I do. And I keep tabs on the Agent to see if he or she is doing the best for the client.
      It is hard work.
      Very healthy, happy, relaxed.
      End of May going to Brazil for 72 days visiting my relatives.
      I appreciate your friendship.
      Papers will be picked up by Lions Club.
      I hope they will be as reliable as I am.
      Lots of love and best regards.