My computer wizzard son is very much missed. He is trampling around the World. Just arrived in Italy

A little story to continue a “saga” that I have started a while back.

I have been travelling around the World since 1976 when I first left Brazil to Canada.

Had my son in Iran where I lived during the Shah dictatorship and during his exit.

Exciting times watching the millions of protesters in the streets of Teheran.

So, my son was only 2 weeks old when we travel to England, Canada and 5 Month stay in Brazil before deciding to take up residency in Canada.

Over the years, due to my husband’s work I travel with him and tagging my kid around everywhere. To USA, to Tanzania and finally Kenya whre we stay for 5 years.

I remember my boy taking a bus to go to an International School in Nairobi and the bus had to stop few times to let the zebras, elephants, giraffes, etc cross the road. That was exciting on the first week but after that kids take it for granted and…oh, well…giraffes again…

Then my daughter arrived and soon she was 2 we went around the world again on trips with Dad’s work.

When they were young until arriving in Australia in 1990 they had already visited 14 Countries.

I guess that is why they both have a “fever” of traveling. Why, I asked. You have been there. The answer is: can’t remember. I have to look again.

Now, Merv is traveling down to “memory lane”. Want to see everything he saw before and few more that he has not visited yet.

I remember that when we first arrived in Australia and Merv look up the sky and said: “the moon is upside down”

I thought that was clever!

On the picture attached you can see Merv and his girlfriend Toni saying good bye to me at the Airport