Out with the Old and in with the New

So I wrote previously about my cycling encounter with a teenager on his bike. Crash!
My own bike was rather the worse for wear. A total write off in fact! And yet people who see me riding have been confused because it looks in better shape than ever.
I’ll let you know my secret – this is a new bike! But it’s exactly the same model and colour as the old one, which will have to be used for parts. Thankfully the bike was in worse shape than me. New parts for people aren’t quite as easy to come across.
I thought about waiting until Christmas to get a new bike, but I was anxious to continue my cycling. Finally, I found something that makes me want to get up and go do it – and I had to stop to rest my shoulder.
Sorry family, you’ll have to think of a different gift idea this year. I’ve got it covered!