Real Estate Has been the best thing in my life in every way: working in it, buying and selling to me and to others!

I had a busy life meeting people, advising and most of all getting these people what they wanted the most.
Either selling or buying a house for someone you always get involved. No two ways about. Emotions runs high and you, as an Agent is caught on the middle.
The most interesting part of selling is the adrenaline that sustain your body. To me the adrenaline was always there either to a buyer of buying their home or buying an investment. And also for the seller selling their home or their investment.
I have been living and breathing Real Estate since 1989 when I first started in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
Selling Real Estate is an adrenaline driven career and I love it.
For almost these years i have put Real Estate number one in my life and everything else takes second place, except from maybe for the last 5 to 7 years I started to notice more important things in my life, like husband, my children, family and friends.
Wow! What a discovery! I found out that they should be first before my job.
As of lately, having a grandson, my vision of the future has changed dramatically.
Am I vague? Well that too. Getting older the perspective changes. The physical pains starts to happen, the fatigue starts to appear, the age creeps on you. No vibes?
Still love to sell not so much the responsibility.