We the S.I.N.ers enjoy our Monthly lunches in each other’s home. But this Month it will be different!

We are going to Mia Cucina at Hillarys Marina to commemmorate our older S.I.N.er’s 90th Birthaday! What a lovely number, especially since Shirley Flemming is very healthy and very active. She’s got the stamina to make it to 100 or more.

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We are all looking forward to her birthday on September 26th. If you are her friend, please do not tell her as it will be a surprise. She does not receive any of my newsletters. So I am safe there.

Our S.I.N.ers Club started in 1990 when I first arrived in Australia. We use to meet once a month at each other’s home as we still do today, but other times we used to go to the Zoo, a Park, or have a picnic with our children. Children grow up and we are all on our own now. When younger we used to go roller-skating every week or to a movie once in a while. Things change when you get older.

Having the S.I.N.ers Club we feel like we are one family. We meet, we discuss ourselves, our illnesses, our children, our families generally. We talk about our trips, our past, etc. We don’t sell any products like Avon, or tupperware; it is just lunch and enjoying each other’s company. But if need be we are there to support one another.


We have a fantastic name for a Club. And we also have our own cup of coffee which my daughter Nikky helped me to design the logo of.

S.I.N.ers means Sunset International Neighbours. We are all from different Countries like everyone in Australia, we have each our own heritage.

Our children and grandchildren often come to our lunches. The newest acquisition is my own grandson, who is about 18 months old now.

The S.I.N.ers for me are family. I have a big family spread out all over the World, mainly Brazil, Canada, U.S.A. and Italy, so the S.I.N.ers are the most important group I have in my life. And all my children are well-loved by them all.

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