Shirley’s 90th Birthday with the S.I.N.ersbwas a blast!

Mia Cuccina at Hillarys Marina was the venue for a fantastic birthday surprise for my friend Shirley’s Surprise 90th Birthday. Our hostess Tahnee was superb and very caring. A few highlights for the surprise were the unexpected presence of her son Paul, his partner, and his 2 daughters and son. Shirley was really surprised and so pleased.

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Marion who picked Shirley up to take her for lunch somewhere told Shirley that she had to pick someone up in front of Mia Cuccina. Arriving there and seeing no-one, Marion concocted another story asking Shirley to go inside with her to check inside the cafe. And then she saw everyone there! Marion was a great story-teller.

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My grandson dipping his toast in the spicy chilli mussel sauce and eating without a complaint was another highlight. As was the delectable cake made by another of our close friends, Katherine. She’s a magician with

Having most of the S.I.N.ers (Sunset International Neighbours) all at this lovely party was the greatest highlight .